After playing over a 1000 hours on Vanilla DayZ servers looking for an experience that felt post apocalypic, unforgiving, and truely scarce, my friend and I set forth to create our perfect rendition of DayZ Mod. 

We present to you Brutal DayZ, Based off of Vanilla DayZ 1.9.0




  • Mercenary Difficulty except 3PP Perspective Enabled
  • 24 Hour Restarts (2AM PST/ 5AM EST)
  • Zombies 4x Higher Damage than Vanilla
  • Overall chances of loot spawns cut in half
  • Chances of Consumables (Food) cut almost 90% (Hunting, and Grocery stores become more valuable)
  • Probability/Locations of Backpack spawns reduced
  • Chances of Ammo spawn lowered around 80%
  • Chances of SD Ammo of Higher-End Weapons lowered 95%
  • Max Magazines Spawned with weapons: 1
  • Half of Vanilla Vehicle Spawns (40) 
  • Body Despawn After 10 Minutes


Fixes (Based on  QF1/QF2):

  • Fixed Hospital Loot Chance from 1 to .2
  • Fixed Loot Position for Land_Shed_W01
  • Fixed Loot Position for Large Industrial Building (3 Story)
  • Fixed Exploit to be able to Chop Wood, Mine Rock, or Gate Breakin without Breaking Tools
  • Vehicles spawn with correct damage on parts. 


DZAI: (2.2.1)

We added AI to emulate a full populated server and mimic human players and the threats they pose.


  • AI have similar loadouts to players with weapons common for the area
  • Static and Dynamic AI (Some AI will hunt you)